The 2021 winners

On June 21, 2021, Estelle Brachlianoff, Chief Operating Officer of Veolia, awarded the 2021 Student Solidarity Awards to the three winners.

At the Group's headquarters in Aubervilliers, Veolia's Chief Operating Officer, Estelle Brachlianoff, has presented prizes to the 3 winners selected from 129 applications. The three distinguished associations received a financial endowment to help them carry out their project.


From April to August 2021, the students in the Cordilleras association at AgroParisTech will cross the Alps from France to Austria, alternating work with glaciology researchers, meetings with local stakeholders and mountain expeditions. Their goal is to study the melting of high-altitude glaciers along the Alpine arc, a victim of climate change, and to raise awareness of the impacts of melting on ecosystems and people. The project hopes to gain a better understanding and devise effective solutions that will have a positive impact on the future. 

Sponsor: David Benanou, Research and Development Expert, Veolia.


Alongside a Tunisian association and school, the Jendoub'Arts project is developing a cheese cooperative based on a goat farm. It aims to empower rural women in Jouaouda - a village in the northwest of the country with a high illiteracy and school dropout rate among women and young girls. The goal is to develop the local economic fabric and social ties. It is an exemplary project in terms of support and sustainability.

Sponsor: Imed Benrhoum Asset Management Manager, Veolia.


  • The association Impulso for the project "Agro-engineering program Impulso Ecuador", in Otavalo | Ecole d'ingénieur AgroParisTech | Public Prize

This program aims to combine women's entrepreneurship and the inclusion of indigenous Kichwa populations in Ecuador, in order to reduce precarity through support for agro-ecological transition. 
Impluso is a microfinance project that combines solidarity, impact and sharing on the ground to help women entrepreneurs. This project is long-term.

Sponsor: Alicia Mansour, Strategy Project Manager, Veolia.