Student Solidarity Awards 2016 now open for applications!

Do you happen to know any students who are members of an association and working on projects in the public interest? The Student Solidarity Awards was made just for them; it rewards innovative approaches in the Foundation’s fields of interest. There is something new in 2016: a special prize devoted to the circular economy has been added to the prize list.

The Veolia Foundation will be launching its call for tenders on February 15th in readiness for the Student Solidarity Awards. All higher education student associations are hereby invited to send in their project for consideration. The seven-member jury, made up of people from the Veolia Foundation, from Veolia Campus, from academia and the world of grassroots groups, will meet in May to select the lucky winners.
Three prizes matching the Foundation’s three fields of interest will be awarded, as well as a special prize devoted to the circular economy.

What will the selected projects actually receive? They will be getting financial support via subsidies, as well as technical guidance from a Group employee acting as sponsor. How do you apply? Head for Foundation’s website. It features the rules governing participation, as well as the conditions for eligibility.

Last year, the awards went to future architectsengineers in Grenoble and Nigerian studentstudents. And what if this year it was a student you know?