Around forty projects supported, around twenty skill-based sponsorship missions carried out throughout the world... Find out more in the Foundation's 2019 Activity Report.
Access to water, the most important resource in barrier measures, is an indispensable precondition in fighting the spread of the virus. The Veolia Foundation is working particularly hard on this issue, especially in Africa where the virus could wreak havoc and where access to water is not widely shared.
Together with Croix Rouge Insertion and Solidarités International, the Veolia Foundation is working to help people living on the streets protect themselves against Covid-19. Hygiene kits are being distributed to the homeless and in camps, squats and shantytowns.
A scientific paper on the cholera control project in the Democratic Republic of Congo has just been published. The authors highlight the links between microbial contamination of water used and stored in households and access to safe drinking water.
Dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Uved's latest Mooc has been another success. The second session, updated and enriched with new videos, aroused the interest of 11600 students.
From 16 to 18 December in Geneva, numerous representatives of international organizations and States discussed the absolute necessity of everyone accepting responsibility for hosting refugees and managing their movements.
‘Making digital technology a synonym for opportunities in France’ ... The Google Impact Challenge’s goal is clear. A call for projects led the American group to select ten projects. Four of the associations in the finals were supported by the Veolia Foundation. And they won awards!
Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, former Prime Minister of Niger, C.E.O. of the African Union Development Agency, Chairman of the Global Alliance Against Cholera, a program sponsored by the Veolia Corporation, and member of the Veolia Foundation's Board of Directors, recently received the prestigious award of “Grand Cordon de l’Ordre du Soleil Levant” from His Excellency, Emperor Naruhito of Japan.
Academics, representatives of national authorities, NGOs and UN agencies met on the 24th of September in Washington DC to review the control and prevention of cholera in the fields of water, sanitation, and hygiene.
For over three weeks last summer, four divers lived confined in a bathyal station to perform 400 hours of diving and explore the sea bottom at depths of -60 and -144 metres. Named Gombessa 5, this expedition studied Mediterranean deep-sea ecosystems; the initial results are now available.
In Yaounde, where several thousand people gathered on Monday the 7th of October for World Habitat Day, waste management, access to water, sanitation, and the necessary cooperation of all to improve everyone’s lives were discussed.
In Aubervilliers, Seine-Saint-Denis, the association Espaces undertook to cultivate crops on the roofs of shopping centres. Two years after the first harvests, it has just extended its cultivable area to 1,500 m²...
A partner of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs since 2014, the Veolia Foundation was invited to the annual meeting of French diplomats to talk about the humanitarian operation in Palu, Indonesia.
Designed with the support of the Veolia Foundation, the "Sustainable Development Goals" MOOC run by Uved is having a makeover. The Université Virtuelle Environnement & Développement Durable is launching a 2nd session with new videos and updates.
At the end of June, a tripartite meeting brought together the United Nations Special Envoy for the Oceans, the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute and the Veolia Foundation to strengthen mobilization focusing on the cause of the oceans. An opportunity to remember the crucial importance of the oceans in our climate and environmental balance.
From 26 to 28 June almost 30 Veolia employees participated in a training session designed enable them to leave on missions during humanitarian emergencies. On the agenda: deployment of Aquaforce units, interventions by the Foundation’s NGO partners, review of safety procedures...
They are all students with an international or local solidarity project reflecting the Veolia Foundation’s values... Four winners, selected from among 128 candidates from all over the world, were presented with their 11th Student Solidarity Award on 17 June. A prize list that was marked by commitment and innovation.
On 27 May 2019, the schooner Tara was back sailing the seas with the support of the Veolia Foundation. This new mission is dedicated to the leakage of plastic waste into the sea in Europe with the aim of understanding and better stemming the haemorrhage. This 6-month expedition, whose scientific aspects are coordinated by the CNRS, will sail along several coastlines in Europe and explore 10 major European rivers.